Gymnasieelever skal løse verdens klimaproblemer

Eleverne i 2g på Rødkilde Gymnasium var 2 dage på UN/UNESCO debate Camp. Eleverne var i et rollespil repræsentanter for forskellige lande i klimaforhandlinger i FN.

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Teaching Global Citizenship

At Endrupskolen (Endrup School)  we received the Teacher’s Guide from the Danish UNESCO National Commission with great anticipation. In the autumn we had decided to look into teaching Global Citizenship as part of a theme week in lower secondary education.

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600 students thought globally


There is a world outside Nivå. That world came very close to 600 students at Nivå School when last week the school organized Global Day for 0 to 8 graders.

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Let's Take Care of the Planet

 Deltagerne foto Simon Schmitt Global View

Life-threatening environmental problems, flash floods, biodiversity and climate talks. 

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COP21 Paris

2015 12 04 16.55 1
When you get the possibility to get very close to what you are completely absorbed with.

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The Whole World in One Week

DSC 0094jpeg
Sitting on the floor of the hotel room with our bellies filled with Japanese candy, and with African braids in our hair, it feels like we’ve been traveling all over the world,

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From Cuba with Love


Attending the Youth Conference in Denmark has been a magnificent experience for us. Having the chance to meet people from other four continents and numerous cities in Denmark has significantly increased our cultural knowledge.

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A World of Friends

DSC 0001 A

In week 44 I had the good fortune to participate in a conference arranged by Ungdomsbyen (Youth Town) and UNESCO in Copenhagen.

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