What Heritage?

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8.a What Heritage?

Most families have things – jewelry, family portraits, recipes, games, or old pieces of furniture - which they cherish and may be proud of, and therefore take special care of. 

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8.b Inspiration from Schools in the WHE Network

During the 12 years that the WHE network has existed, the schools have produced a great number of courses and projects. Here is a small sample to inspire those who may be interested. 

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8.c Internation cooperation in the WHE network

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Since the start of the WHE network in 2004, there has been a great deal of focus on the Middle East. Occasionally the projects have run into difficulties because of political developments in those countries, but, as will appear from the examples below, there have also been been may very positive experiences.

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8.d Reviving World Heritage - International Cooperation

Welcome to the Reviving World Herítage (RWH) Project where you can start on an expedition to go in quest of and revive your heritage and predict the future.

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