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Introduction and index of world class goals for the citizens of the world – what is it to me?

Background of the material 
The book is published by the Danish UNESCO School Network, Associated Schools Projects (ASP) and Ungdomsbyen (Youth Town), and supported by Danida’s Information Grant.

The ASP network being a part of UNESCO, and UNESCO being a part of the United Nations (UN), the material introduces the new Global Goals and other relevant aspects of the work done by those organizations. The main focus, however, is on the work done by the ASP schools. The book is also supposed to be an introduction to some of the focus areas of the UN, UNESCO and ASP, and what they mean and how they work together.

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To further the knowledge of and give inspiration to teaching …

  • The Global Goals and Global Citizenship
  • How to keep the international peace and security, including conflict resolution and reconciliation
  • How to encourage a sustainable development and lifestyle
  • The rights of children and young people
  • International cooperation

Target group 
Danish and foreign students ages 14 to 18 and their teachers and interested parties 



The book 
The material is a book of 48 pages. The book is printed in 4000 copies and has been sent to about 40 Danish ASP schools. Besides, free copies have been sent to all primary schools and their libraries. Class sets of the book can be found at the Danish UCC centers (Local centers of teaching materials).

The book can be downloaded on this page in a Danish and an English pdf version.

The home page 
In relation to the book a great deal of inspirational material has been produced. It can be accessed on this page. Below is an index list of the contents of this material. From the index there are links to each chapter/section.

  • Section a in each chapter is identical to one of the book’s eight chapters.
  • Section b and c contain additional articles, pictures and videos, and suggestions for exercises, activities and courses related to the theme of the chapter.
  • Section d contains suggestions for international cooperation projects in relation to the individual themes.

As the material is to be used in connection with international cooperation, a good deal of the links are from English-language sources/materials. Some of the suggestions for international cooperation are only in English.


Using the material  
The material is particularly relevant to Danish, English, History, Geography and Social Studies, and courses across the curriculum such as projects, theme weeks and the like.

It is hoped that the material will be an inspirational catalogue for theme weeks and projects.

Links and references 
There are many links and references both in the pdf version of the book and on this page.

List of and links to the material on this page

1. Introduction

1.a World class goal for the citizens of the world

1.b UN

1.c UNESCO and ASP

1.d Global Goals


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2. War, peace and conflict resolution

2.a War, peace and conflict resolution

2.b Examples of internal conflicts and UN’s role as conflict mediator

2.c Conflict mediation, reconciliation and development

2.d A peaceful country? International Cooperation

3. Education: the strongest weapon

3.a Education is the strongest weapon to change the world

3.b Inspirational material for teaching Global Goal 4

3.c Inspirational material for teaching Global Goal 4.7

3.d Knowledge and Skills that promote Sustainable Development – International Cooperation


iStock 76367981 MEDIUM

4. The Rights of the Child

4.a Rights for children and young people

4.b The game of chance – teaching materials

4.c Inspiration for teaching the rights of children

4.d The rights and conditions of children globally and nationally – international cooperation

5. Global Citizenship

5.a Young people and Global Citizenship

5.b Inspirational courses and activities produced by the ASP network

5.c From subject to global citizen

5.c Welcome to Global Citizenship – International Cooperation



6. Baltic Sea Project

6.a From teaching environmentalism to Education for Sustainable Development

6.b Inspirational courses and cooperation projects produced by the BSP network

6.c BSP camps and conferences

6.d Somebody ought to do something – International Cooperation

. Breaking the Silence

7.a Breaking the Silence – the Transatlantic Slave Trade (TST)

7.b Inspirational materials and activities produced by the TST network

7.c Modern forms of slavery

7.d Images from the Past for the Future -  International Cooperation



8. What Heritage?

8.a What heritage?

8.b Inspirational materials and activities from the WHE network

8.c International cooperation projects under WHE

8.d Reviving World Heritage – International cooperation


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