Education is the most powerful weapon

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3.a Education is the most powerful weapons which you can use to change the world

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In spite of a marked increase in the number of children the world over who receive primary education there are still 57 million children who do not go to school.

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3.b Inspiration for working with Global Goal 4

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Global Goal 4 is about education. Basicly it says: Giving everyone equal rights to quality education and furthering everyone’s possibility of lifelong learning.

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3.c Inspiration for working with Global Goal 4.7

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Education a prerequisite for sustainability 
Like the other global goals, goal 4 comprises a number of subsidiary goals aimed at underpinning the
overall objective. In Denmark subsidiary goal 4.7 is the greatest challenge. It goes like this:

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3.d How can your School Promote Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development?

Save the World Today by VoYtHAs
By 2030 we must ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

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